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baltra airport

Visitors to the Galapagos Archipelago often set foot on Baltra island for the first time‚ as it is where the main airport‚ "Seymour Airport"‚ is located. The airport was built by the Americans during World War II. This island is located only 1 km from the north coast of Santa Cruz Island and has no tourist attractions other than a few last minute gift shops. However if you have a little time‚ you might want to get out of the airport and explore the surroundings and look for the local land iguanas.

To get to Santa Cruz Island‚ you must cross the Itabaca Channel. The island serves as a small naval base for Ecuador. There are no places for accommodation‚ but there is both public and private transportation from the airport to Puerto Ayora.


  • Estimated Age: 2 million years
  • British Name: South Seymour
  • First Ecological Airport in the world
  • One of the two airports that connect to Guayaquil & Quito
  • Wildlife: Galapagos sea lion & land iguana
  • Visitor Sites: Remains of World War 2 American Airfield base