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Isabela is the biggest island in the whole archipelago and is home to Puerto Villamil (one of the smallest towns in the Galapagos) and one of the biggest craters in the whole world. Whether it’s this peculiar pattern of superlatives that adds to its enigmatic charm or the melancholic bit of history that emanates from the Wall of Tears‚ Isabela Island captivates visitors in ways that go beyond all things tangible. The island itself is the culmination of 6 shield volcanoes that have merged into one another‚ these are: Alcedo‚ Cerro Azul‚ Darwin‚ Ecuador‚ Sierra Negra‚ and Wolf. Four of these still show signs of sporadic activity (Wolf‚ Cerro Azul‚ Alcedo‚ and Sierra Negra). Isabela also hosts an airfield accessible only by small aircrafts operated by Emetebe Airlines "General Villamil Airport". 


  • Estimated Age: Approximately 1 million years old
  • British Name: Albemarle
  • Largest island in the archipelago
  • Occasional volcanic activity
  • Airfield only accessible via small planes
  • Wildlife: Blue-footed booby‚ marine iguana‚ Galapagos fur seal‚ Galapagos sea lion‚ Nazca booby‚ Galapagos penguin‚ flightless cormorant‚ land iguana‚ Galapagos hawk‚ frigatebird‚ Galapagos giant tortoise
  • Visitor Sites: Punta Vicente Roca‚ Urbina Bay‚ Tagus Cove‚ Punta Moreno‚ Elizabeth Bay‚ Sierra Negra‚ Wall of Tears‚ Tintoreras‚ Los Tuneles