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At Emetebe Airlines‚ we have a fare for every type of traveller! It all depends on whether you want the cheapest option‚ whether you need additional baggage allowance‚ whether you're travelling with friends / kids or whether you need flexibility to be able to change your flights. 

PROMOTION FARE – The Ultimate Bargain fare (25 lbs of luggage allowance per passenger)

Heavily discounted tickets offered during a promotional campaign or low season travel dates. This is the lowest ticket price you can find at Emetebe‚ but it comes with the highest restrictions. No changes are permitted‚ tickets are non-refundable and no travel credit is granted.

Luckily‚ there is still time to add a seat selection to sit next to your companion or increase your luggage allowance if you change your mind at the last minute.

STANDARD FARE – Looking for the Best Price (15 lbs of luggage allowance per passenger)

The most affordable ticket if you’re traveling light and unlikely to require any flight or itinerary changes. Should you need to make any changes to your booking however‚ you’ll incur a flight change fee plus any fare difference on your new flight booking. Tickets are non-refundable and travel credit is granted only under exceptional circumstances.

You can also add a seat selection to sit next to your companion or increase your luggage allowance if you change your mind at the last minute.

OPTIMAL FARE – Travelling with Friends or/and the Family (25 lbs luggage allowance per passenger)

If there's one thing for sure‚ it's that travelling on your own is not the same as travelling with friends or with the kids. We know that when you fly with your buddies or take the family you want to be able to sit together on the plane and you probably need to take more baggage. No worries! With our Optimal fare every passenger (except infants under 2) gets 25 lbs of baggage allowance and a free basic seat selection (except premium & premium gold seat).

At Emetebe we also try to make life easier for families‚ so if your child is under 2 you can take a free hold item (pushchair‚ cradle‚ cot or booster seat). Besides‚ you can take your pushchair right up the plane‚ where we'll take it off you and put it in the hold free of charge‚ and you get priority boarding.

Additionally the Optimal fare comes with extra flexibility‚ with lower-priced booking change fees (plus fare difference). Tickets are non-refundable but can be changed into travel credit.

FLEX PLUS FARE – Top Flexibility & Extra Luggage (35 lbs luggage allowance per passenger)

We've created this fare especially for people who need additional baggage allowance or fly frequently and want to be able to change the time of their flight‚ even on the same day‚ without having to pay a surcharge. All you'll pay is the difference in fare. With this option‚ unlike the others‚ we won't charge you for the change.

The Flex Plus fare also means that you save time because it includes priority access (at the airports where available) and priority boarding‚ so you'll be the first on the plane with guaranteed space for your hand bag. And of course‚ all Flex Plus fare passengers get 35 lbs of baggage allowance and free seat selection (except premium gold seat). Tickets are non refundable but can be changed into travel credit.