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General Conditions

As an Air Taxi Operator part 135‚ we are not bound by a regular flight schedule. Our flight times can therefore occasionally be affected by unexpected changes. Any changes to your flight schedule will be notified to you immediately via email or SMS. 

  • Ticket expires one year from date of issue.
  • Ticket is non-refundable.
  • Ticket may be transferable depending on class.

Reservation Changes Policy

Reservation & ticket changes incur a fee that may vary depending on your ticket class. The fee is calculated based on a time factor that takes into account the day you wish to apply for a change and the original flight departure timing.

Fees for reservation & ticket changes classification:

  • Promotion Fare (WP & XP) – No Changes Permitted
  • Standard Fare (WD & XD) – From $20 to $100 + Fare Difference
  • Otpimal Fare (WE & XE) – From $5 to $100 + Fare Difference
  • Flex Plus Fare (WF) – From $0 to $40 + Fare Difference
  • Agency Fare (AB‚ AE‚ AA & AF) – Contact your travel agent for additional information
  • Charter Fare – From $0 to 100% of cost (depending on date change request)

Cancellation Policy

Unfortunately we do not offer reimbursements or refunds on cancellations made by customers. We are however happy to change your reservation date in accordance with our Reservation Changes Policy.

No Show

Passengers marked as: “no show”; will automatically lose their ticket. Passengers are therefore advised to be on time for check in and boarding.

Delays & Flight/Tour Connections

  • Occasionally‚ without prior notice‚ Emetebe Airlines may need to change‚ add‚ or omit intermediate or connecting stops on any flight.
  • Emetebe Airlines cannot guarantee and will not be held liable for failed connections to other flights or pre-scheduled touristic activities.
  • Additionally‚ the airline shall not be liable for any failure or delay in operating any flight due to causes beyond our control‚ defined as events of “force majeur”.

Refusal to Transport & Seat Allocation

We reserve the right to refuse transportation on any of our flights to people whose conduct is disorderly‚ abusive or violent‚ or appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We may also refuse to provide transportation on the basis of safety‚ or in a situation that would violate any aviation regulation.

We also reserve the right to re-allocate passengers to different seats other than those pre-purchased by customers if this compromises the safety of the aircraft due weight and balance issues. Changes will be done taking into account the original seat’s price and position in the aircraft.

Baggage Policy

Our Baggage Policy may vary depending on your ticket class:

  • Standard Fare (WD) – 15 lbs per passenger including checked luggage and carry on
  • Optimal & Promotion Fare (WE & WP) – 25 lbs per passenger including checked luggage and carry on
  • GPS Fare (XP‚ XD & XE) – 25 lbs per passenger including checked luggage and carry on
  • Agency Fare (AB‚ AE & AA) – 25 lbs per passenger including checked luggage and carry on
  • Flex Plus & Agency Flex Fare (WF & AF) – 35 lbs per passenger including checked luggage and carry on
  • Charter Fare – up to 250 lbs including checked luggage and carry on

Please note that:

  • Each passenger luggage is weighted individually.
  • Included baggage per passenger weight does not transfer even if you are part of a group or family under the same reservation.
  • Extra baggage allowance may be purchased online or at counter desk to increase the included baggage allowance per person.
  • Extra baggage purchased with more than 24 hours prior to flight departure is offered at a discounted rate of $1.50 per Pound. 
  • From 24 hour prior to flight departure until check in time the extra baggage rate increases to $2.00 per Pound.

Extra Features

Extra features are available for you to purchase online‚ at counter or at our sales offices. 

These include: Extra Baggage Allowance / Seat Selection / Airport Shuttle Transfer (Pickup & Drop Off) / Flight Insurance / Vip Lounge / Speedy Arrivals / Donations to the Ocean Cleanup Foundation.

Flight check-in / Flight closure

  • All flights close 15 minutes prior to departure.
  • Check-in starts 60 minutes prior to departure. 

Photo ID

Photo Identification required for all travel. Government-issued IDs including passport‚ Driver’s License‚ National Card are accepted.