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santa cruz

Santa Cruz is the second largest island of the Galapagos archipelago and has all seven vegetation zones. In addition to this‚ Santa Cruz is home to the largest human population throughout the archipelago and‚ consequently‚ has the biggest town. From restaurants to bars all the way to banks and souvenir shops‚ Puerto Ayora in Santa Cruz is the closest thing you’ll get to a lively piece of civilization this far away from the mainland.


  • Estimated Age: Approximately 2 million years old
  • British Name: Indefatigable
  • Charles Darwin Research Station
  • Giant tortoises in the wild
  • Vegetation in the highlands
  • Wildlife: Galapagos giant tortoise‚ frigatebird‚ land iguana‚ blue-footed booby‚ American flamingo‚ Galapagos sea lion
  • Visitor Sites: Charles Darwin Research Station‚ The Highlands‚ and the Giant tortoise reserve‚ Los Gemelos (Pit Craters)‚ Cerro Dragon (Dragon Hill)‚ Las Bachas‚ Tortuga Bay